Yardstick Christmas StarLast week while perusing Pinterest while watching TV, I spotted Little Bit Funky’s giant yardstick Christmas start & just knew I HAD to have one for myself.   Yardstick Christmas StarI grabbed 5 yardsticks from Home Depot for just 70 cents each & gave them all a coat of left-over almost-baby-blue paint.  (I painted both sides, since they started bowing after the first coat of paint). Yardstick Christmas StarOnce everything was dry, I simply laid the yardsticks into a star pattern – be patient, it may take a while to get everything lined up just right – and hot glued the sticks together. Yardstick Christmas Star Yardstick Christmas StarI wasn’t planning on adding any lights because I really liked the less than $5 price point & it looks pretty great above the wine bar! Yardstick Christmas StarBUT then we received our Christmas care package from the in-laws & my mother-in-law had tucked a set of mini-lights in as if she somehow knew I’d be needing them. Yardstick Christmas StarI carefully wound the string of lights around the star & plugged it into the same timer we use for the Christmas tree.  Now we have double the festiveness in our wine bar corner once it gets dark outside!