Our living room finally has a clock! When my in-laws were visiting, they peeked at my wish list and surprised me with this gorgeous wooden clock off my list.  Thanks guys! It looks even better in the room than I hoped or thought it would.The Current State of Our Living Room

While that side of the living room is looking pretty good, we’ve got a bit of a mess on our hands between the couch and the bar.  I decided, more than a few months ago, that I’d like a big L-shaped sectional in the living room when we finish the basement and move the current living room couch (which is a sleeper sofa) down stairs. After measuring everything out multiple times, the Karlstad in Isunda Gray had the right dimensions, look, and price tag, so we knew we’d be getting it eventually. But then Ikea had to go and put it on the friends and family sale this month.  At 15% off, we couldn’t leave it at the store, so now we’re storing it behind the couch until the floors are down. (Andy didn’t think my idea of setting it up an having a giant square of living room furniture was a good one. He’s kind of lame, no?)

Don’t worry, we can still get to the wine! Hopefully this mess is the kick in the pants we need to get the basement DONE!

The Current State of Our Living Room

And while we’re on the theme of turning the living room into a mess, Target ALSO had to go and put some gorgeous lamps on sale.  I think these will be perfect in the basement space (white wood plank walls, dark wood floors, lots of green and blue accents).  At half price, I couldn’t leave these at the store, so I grabbed two which are now sitting on the dining room buffet.

Three lamps are totally normal in that amount of space, right? (Maybe if I actually cut off the tags, removed the cellophane, and unwrapped the cords.)

The Current State of Our Living Room The Current State of Our Living RoomAny big renovating-in-progress messes in your house? Please tell me I’m not the only one!