What Substrate Is Safe For Leopard Gecko?

The leopard gecko is a ground-dwelling lizard. It is found in the highlands of Asia, Afghanistan and in the northern parts of India and some parts of Iran. Leopard geckos, unlike the rest of the reptiles, cannot climb up smooth surfaces as they do not have toe pads like the rest of the geckos. Leopard geckos are domesticated as pets in many countries.

Leopard gecko and habitat

What Substrate Is Safe For Leopard Gecko?

The natural habitat and surrounding of a leopard gecko is the rocky, dry grassland, deserted regions. The winter temperatures of these places can drop low. Leopard geckos during the winter go into semi-hibernation, also known as brumation, as they are the cold-blooded animals. These creatures are active at dawn and dusk when the temperatures are favorable for them to come out.  These animals prefer solitary and do not mix up with other animals.

Diet of a leopard gecko

Leopard geckos when domesticated are often fed crickets, mealworms, and other insects.  Naturally, these geckos prefer hunting food by themselves. The majority of the leopard geckos refuse to eat the dead prey fed to them as their natural instinct is to hunt the animal before feeding on them. Calcium and vitaminD3 is very important for their nutrition.

Traits of a leopard gecko

Leopard geckos are larger than most of the animals of gecko species. Their skin is durable and provides them protection from the rocky grassland in the dry environments. Their skin is textured and has small bumps all over. Like other geckos, these reptiles also shed their skin.  Adult geckos shed their skin once a month while the newborns shed their skin twice.  They eat their skin after shedding as it provides the essential proteins and vitamins for growth. They absorb the warmth during the day as they sleep and hunt the food at night. They have short limbs and have thick tails.  They use hearing to locate their prey. Leopard geckos are generally yellow or brownish-orange in color.

Leopard geckos defense mechanisms

Leopard geckos have a sense of hearing and sight that help them escape their predators such as foxes, snakes and other large reptiles. They have exceptional hearing abilities. Their skin helps them camouflage themselves and helps with survival.  They live in underground holes to avoid the heat and getting eaten. Their tail can re-grow if they lose their tail.

How to choose a substrate for a leopard gecko?

What Substrate Is Safe For Leopard Gecko?

What is the substrate?

A substrate is the flooring or the bedding that is to be placed when one is domesticating a leopard gecko.  This substrate is installed in the cage or tank of the leopard gecko for them to walk on. One should be cautious in choosing a substrate for the leopard gecko as some substrate consists of fine particles that can be easily ingested. If a leopard gecko consumes those fine particles there could be a possibility of the reptile falling ill and experience severe health problems.

What substrate is safe for leopard gecko?

Choosing the right substrate for a leopard gecko is one of the most challenging tasks while putting up a tank or cage for a gecko. It is very important for the gecko owners to create a habitat similar to the natural living surrounding of the gecko. One should always do research beforehand what substrate is safe for leopard gecko.  Though it does not seem very ideal or attractive, paper towels are one of the most common substrates today.  Here is the list for some of the substrates that can be used.



Many leopard gecko owners use sand as the substrate because scooping or cleaning the waste is easier and looks more natural.  However, sand is not recommended for adult geckos as they tend to swallow it. Calcium based and fine-grained sand is a safe and digestible option.

Paper towels

Paper towels are the best substrates for young geckos as well as sick geckos.  One doesn’t have to worry about the inhalation and indigestion of particles. Paper towels are easy to clean and very absorbent and hygienic. It makes it easier for gecko owners to monitor the health of the gecko.  It doesn’t allow the option for the gecko to burrow in the paper towels like sand. However, if a gecko isn’t much into burrowing, paper towels are the best substrate for the geckos.

Reptile carpet

Reptile carpets are easy to clean and are very absorbent.  They carry the possibility of ingestion.  These carpets are safe and would not likely cause any injuries to the gecko. These carpets are soft and are easy on the gecko’s skin without causing any irritation. Since it can’t be eaten by the gecko, it is an attractive choice as a substrate.  Reptile carpet is easy to clean and can be washed multiple times before needing a replacement.  However, it is suggested to replace the reptile carpet over time as the loose threads and fibers can get caught in gecko’s toes.

Prepackaged bedding

These days there are a lot of prepackaged and premade bedding products in the market.  These can provide comfortable bedding or flooring to the gecko.  Many people are considering buying prepackaged bedding to offer their gecko maximum comfort.  Sand, dirt, and wood chips should be avoided entirely.

Slate rocks

Slate rocks are also used by the gecko owners. If one wants to give the gecko a smooth, flat stones, then slate rocks are a great option.  They offer a natural environment and promote the well-being of the leopard gecko. This allows the gecko to hold heat and without any threat of ingestion.  They are also excellent to use as décor and must be used with another substrate.


best substrate for Leopard Gecko

Similar to the paper towel, newspapers are easy to use and easy to replace and clean.  A newspaper is very impressive as there are no wobbly pieces that the gecko can swallow. Though newspapers are not much to look at but they are absolutely safe, and the best substrate for Leopard Gecko. Newspapers must be replaced daily to avoid infections or bacterial growth.

What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?


What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

If you want to be a happy owner of fluffy small friend, i.e. guinea pig, then you need to buy the required products to take care of them properly. The guinea pigs are very friendly pet animal and you need to do daily interaction with them for better understanding. Getting required stuffs for your guinea pigs will be quiet tricky and several belongings you have to take into your consideration. Just like humans, for animals also the water is the primary thing to live. First of all, you need to find the best guinea pig water bottles for your pet. This vital fluid is also widely used in the whole processes of essential activity. These guinea pigs require more water to digest food, to breathe and also to keep their internal organs functioning properly and so on.

Naturally, water is used for lubricating the joints, regulating the body temperature and safeguarding the entire organs. In addition to, this fluid is more important for supporting the body to get free of any waste. Regardless to say that, all water consumed by guinea pig is utilized by the organism in order to help this body functions and also well survive. Also, the lack of water leads to more health issues. If you need your beloved pet to lead a healthy life, one of your major duties is ensuring that guinea pigs has sufficient water supply a whole day. Hence, these guinea pigs are kind of animals that have an individual taste.

Necessity of water to your pet

What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

When it comes to giving your pet with the essential fluid, there is a one simple rule, i.e. don’t waste the water. Fine, there is nothing wrong with the tap water, if you as well as your family are drinking it as well. If your tap water is not good sufficient, tastes outlandish and consists of a plenty of unhealthy elements, then you need to give bottled water. Of course, the filtered water may be a great choice for your pet. You should also remember that the water has to be plain without even any additives. When it comes to the temperature of fluid, the temperature of a room is considered to a great choice. Even some of the guinea pig owners recommend to attempt to add a limited ice cubes in the water bowl, if it is eventually hot.

How much water does the guinea pig require?

What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

The guinea pigs usually require around 100ml of fresh water every day. It does not mean that your pet is going to drink it everything in single drive. In detail, it is practically unbearable to foresee, when your small friend be very thirsty. That is why; the specialists can advise you give a consistent supply of water on 24/7. If your guinea pet drinks minimal or maximum water, which does not essentially mean that something goes mistaken with his health. This small pet may drink fewer than 100ml of water just because it is obtaining sufficient of fluid from his diet. In case, if your guinea pig drinks a slighter bit more water than normal, it is not a reason for you to begin freaking.

During the warmer months, the entire living individuals have a habit of drinking plenty of water. It also requires a slighter bit water to assist control the temperature of body. If your guinea pig is recovering from any disease or it is pregnant, the routine average of water may vary a slight as well. With this, you have to ensure to take a closer look about how much your guinea pig is really drinking daily. If your pet drinks a slighter quantity of water and then it unexpectedly started consuming more water without any reason, it may be a sign of any health issues. Also, the same applies to the contrary situation as well. If its outlandish behaviour endures for a limited days, then you do pay a visit to the vet.

What you can include in the water?

What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

If you have been an owner of guinea pig for a while, you may have listened that some owners may include vitamin C to their pet’s water. Before doing this, you must know when the right time to add this vitamin C is and what the dosage is? Initially, you need to take into your consideration that guinea pigs are not able to produce vitamin C naturally in their bodies. Due to this fact, this factor is an essential for the working of organism. So, the guinea pigs have to be obtaining sufficient of it with the water and foods as well. Even the deficiency of vitamin C may also leads to several health issues.

Water bottles Vs water bowls for guinea pigs

What Kind of Water do Guinea Pigs Drink?

When it comes to providing your guinea pigs with sufficient water, first of all you have to decide to bring either a water bottle or a water bowl. Both of these have their individual pros and cons. In general, the water bottles are fairly costlier. Even the majority of guinea pig owners are decided to select the water bottles than bowls. Now, the best guinea pig water bottle is vastly available in the market, so you can easily pick one for your pet. When you buy a bottle for your pet, the head is a most essential factor to consider and ensures to be a perfect height. The water bottle made up of stainless steel is 100% safe for your guinea pigs health. Also, it is ultimately convenient to drink water throughout the day.

Other sources of water guinea pig

Naturally, the guinea pigs receive water from specific foods in their diet. This is one of the top reasons that it is so essential to provide your pets more food. But, you must not rely on foods to offer your guinea pigs, rather you will give sufficient water that they need and also liquid water from a bowl or bottle must always be available to them. From time to time, you can verify that your pet’s bottle is working properly.

Living Room Cushions Get a Facelift

It took me a while, okay, FOREVER, to get around to sewing these cushion covers. I got the fabric in September, told you about them in December, and finally sewed the pillow covers in March.  Good thing I still liked the fabric by then!

Here they are all lined up (including the world’s most adorable little photo bomber) so you can see the colors together.  I love the toned down shades with the grey couch.SONY DSC


Part of what took so long is that I wanted to replace the actual pillow inserts as well. When I last updated our scatter cushions, I bought  the down inserts from Ikea – at around $5 each they were a great price. However, I got to a stage where I felt that if I found one more feather in my hair after a nap on the couch, I was going to lose it.  The pillow forms also did not hold their shape well and looked a little lost on the bigger Karlstad.


I found some high quality down alternative pillows from JoAnns but they are expensive without a coupon, and our JoAnns is far away.  So I did a little more research and found that the ones from Crate and Barrel are comparable in price (even without a coupon) and rated well. I also had a 15% off coupon, so I headed to the store and grabbed 5 down alternative inserts.  So far I LOVE the quality.

I also upgraded to the 23″ square size (up from the 20″ size we had from Ikea before). These pillows behave like down-filled ones, but without the allergens (or feathers in your hair!). I think the bigger size matches the scale of the couch better and looks a little more luxurious!


Oh and a little poodle named Penelope approve too. Good thing these covers are removable and washable!



Did you check off any projects on your to-do list this weekend? I also hemmed the living room curtains (finally) and sold our coffee table on Craigslist.

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Penelope Poodle Turns 3

On Saturday, Penelope Poodle turned 3. We thought it would be fun to spoil her and stage a little photo shoot. She got a cute new sweater from her grandparents, and a couple of toys from us.  She did NOT count the balloon or the party hat as gifts.  Oh and we also gave her some broccoli (her favorite food) with her dinner.

Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture - #thissarahloves

Something tells me she was only barely tolerating this torture.  Not that different from any three year old, I think.Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - Official Birthday Picture 2

And this is probably my favorite outtake! Just look at that look she’s giving Andy. Penelope Poodle Turns 3 - If Looks Could Kill - #thissarahloves

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