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Mid-Century Modern Footstool

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed the awesome mid-century modern footstool I scored at the thrift store last Friday!  I stopped by on a whim & couldn’t leave without this guy.  It seemed like a good purchase for $15.  Penny approves too.

Midcentury Modern Footstool with Penelope - ThisSarahLoves

It needed/needs a little TLC though.  The vinyl was filthy, and the legs need to be sanded and re-stained.  The little brass pieces also need some attention – I’m hoping some brasso will do the trick, but perhaps I’ll have to use rub ‘n buff.

Here’s a quick before and after of the vinyl.  Can you believe it?!  YUCK on that before.

Midcentury Modern Footstool - How to Clean Old Vinyl - ThisSarahLoves

My lovely instagram friend Sarah suggested that I try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get through the grime.  Seemed like a great idea, so I grabbed one and started scrubbing.  It was working on the solid parts, but do you see that indented “rope” design?  Well I couldn’t get the grime out of the corners on that.  Next I tried watered down Mrs Meyers and a scrub brush.  Nada.  Vinegar and a scrub brush.  Nothing.  Then I remembered that we have this sonic scrubber brush, so I switched to full-strength Mrs Meyers and the sonic brush.  Which worked!  Success!  I then gave it a final scrubbing with some Method Dish Soap and the scrubber brush & then rinse and wipe it all clean.  What a difference.  I mean it turns out the thing is a whole different shade of orange!

Midcentury Modern Footstool Before and After - ThisSarahLoves

We haven’t quite settled on where it will live.  For now it is Penelope’s footstool to get on the bed with.  I like the addition of pops of orange in our bedroom.  I also like the idea of placing it at the front entry for people to use when putting on / taking off their shoes.  Penelope really likes to sit on it and stare out of the slider when it’s in the living room.  Where would you use a footstool like this?

Midcentury Modern Footstool Full View - ThisSarahLoves

Heart Sarah

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